Olympia High School Mural, Olympia, Wash.

2000, acrylic on gessoed plywood panels. Center panel 12 'x 7', side panels 7' x 5'.

Commissioning agency: Washington State Arts Commission (WSAC)

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Olympia High School Mural


Site specific wall mural designed as part of school remodel to be installed in central location facing main entry doors. Shows spirit and excellence of Olympia H.S. through past, present, and future images of students, staff, and school activities.

Olympia High School Mural, Violins


Panel 1, Violins, 7' x 5'.

Olympia High School Mural, Prom


Panel 2 (Center), Prom, 12' x 7'.

Olympia High School Mural, Soccer and Science


Panel 3, Soccer and Science, 7' x 5'.".